My favorite color is clear

It always amuses me when I actually have something I want to say; something I want to get out there … nobody really reads it. Or at least gives me any feedback. But when I post something that is totally meaningless and arbitrary, suddenly people are coming out of the woodwork and liking it. Of course it is all relative since twenty people is still twenty people haha. It is not like I am exactly making a large mark on the world 😀

Yesterday I took the time to do a nice solid rant, since I have not done one in a while (which post prompted my amusement). Today I feel the need to go the other way, and just let the fingers wander. I have not done a stream of consciousness post in a while either, so here we are. Tag along with me and see where we end up!

One of my earliest memories … that is to say I think it is one of my earliest memories, and the timing fits … is seeing the first moon landing. I have no memory of my reaction … just an image of watching it on television.  Yet I believe this event made an indelible mark on my psyche, helping create the man I am today. This is heavy in my mind for obvious reasons.

We are in the midst of great change. It may well be that the prophesied end of the world that everybody is waiting for (again) is already happening … just not in the way we have planned for. Has anybody else noticed how many innovators, greats, firsts and bests, world changers and memory makers have been dying in recent months? It is as if a whole generation of creators has decided that the world no longer needs them, that times are about to change in the next direction, and they are clearing the way for the next generation of creation. The world as we know it has already ended … we just don’t seem to know what is next.

A random water pic for a random stream




Now that I have resigned my self to writing my blog posts simply for the sake of creation, and relearned the simple joy of doing this, it seems I went and found myself a fan. Since as far as I can tell irony is the only consistently repeatable law of nature, this seems appropriate. I am not well versed in the proper use of fans, but it turns out that this particular fan actually blows a quite refreshing breeze. She hosts a rather amusing yet thought provoking blog which is actually a bit of a group effort.

A recent post of hers (actually two) reminded me how funny the human creature is. Not that I really need a reminder all that often. I just need to look in the mirror to see how foolish we all can be. Yet at the same time there is that glow of infinite potential that we all share (though some hide it much better than others!).

Ok the twitch in the middle of my back that has been driving me nuts for several hours is speeding up, a sure sign that my current batch of randomness is already too long. Besides it is well past the time that my brain calls it quit for the evening (it has a rather short work day). So this particular stream of consciousness is now at an end. Hope you all  (all twenty of you) enjoyed the swim!