My paparazzi woes

We live in a universe full of rules and laws. Some of them were put into play long before we (humans) appeared to mess with things. You know the laws of physics and stuff like that. Mankind shows up and can’t be bothered living by other being’s restrictions so goes about making a whole slew of his own. It gets really fun when they all seem to contradict each other. As a rule, one common thing about this collection of gazillions of laws is they all seem to have exceptions. Of course that means the rule I just stated also has an exception. As far as I can tell the one law in this universe that is absolutely inviolate is …

Murphy’s Law. Also known as Sod’s Law and Finagle’s Law.

We have all encountered this phenomenon, even if we don’t know it by name. The basic idea is that if anything CAN go wrong, it WILL. It takes many forms. You know like it only rains when you don’t have your umbrella or you run out of gas when there is no gas station for miles. Another prime example: if you own a camera, it is absolutely guaranteed that the best pictures to take will invariably happen when you do not have your camera anywhere near you.

As some of you may know, photography is one of my hobbies (I have a photo blog too). I like to imagine I am fairly skilled. I even have a pretty expensive camera. Of course per Murphy’s Law my best pics are taken with my phone or accidents, but oh well. Because of this fascination with photography I frequently see the world through the lens of a camera. And I can pretty much assure that when I see that money shot, the picture to end all pictures … I will have no camera in reach.

This morning I was munching on some bit o’ unhealthy goodness over the kitchen sink, looking out the window. Suddenly there appears in front of me a grand king of praying mantises, strutting around on a bush and saying “Worship me!”. Whatever you might feel about these critters (i.e. EEEEEEK!, creepy, get it away from me!), they make for good photos. So I pop upstairs to get my camera. I get back and the little bugger (well technically not so little bug … er …) has slid into the shadows, waving his bug arse at me saying “Hah!!”. I tried several times but he just kept shifting, flipping me the bird (odd coming from a bug). Finally I faked him out. I came at him from a different angle, catching a glimpse of the money shot and  causing him to face the way I wanted. Then I shifted back to where I had been and GOT HIM! I showed him!!

Celebrities could learn a thing or three from this clever guy!