Never hurts to try!

One of the dilemmas in my dichotomous life is the fact that I actively despise capitalism and materialism, yet they are the way of the world. So my choice is to use the tools that I despise so that I may actually live my life, or stop living my life. Unfortunately in the last few years I chose the latter, and while in some ways I do not regret it, for it led me along a path that I would not have found otherwise,it can only be a temporary stop if I want to truly make the most of … well … ME.

Now that my spark has reignited, I am again toying with the idea of obtaining some form of actual income (relying on the potential income of books not yet even finished is not a strong financial choice), so that I have a chance of actually taking part in the world again. But the traditional ways of finding work have never actually proven all that beneficial to me, and I have no desire to end up in another pointless, soul eating job that actually generates more bills and stress than income.

I occasionally try the standard employment search techniques, and invariably last all of ten minutes. I guess searching for a job by “Job Title” works if you actually have a specific job in mind. But how am I supposed to label “willing to do anything that actually gives me spiritual satisfaction and has some value to humanity as a whole”? What exactly is THAT job title?

Part of my frustration with the whole system is we are more focused on appearance than on functionality. As long as you sell yourself with the right crazy phrases and documents that claim expertise, it does not matter if you are actually capable or not. At least as far as those who do the hiring are concerned. So I am lost before I even start, because I have no respect for the process.

As far I can tell what it ultimately comes down to is who you know. Now because I have managed to completely isolate myself in some ways, that adds another challenge to rejoining the world. Since the traditional way does not really work for me, and since I am an out-of-the -box thinker anyway, I need to try alternate ways of getting out there. I have tried sites like Craig’s list, and have occasionally had SOME success, but that too is a very limited outlet.

Wow this post is turning out way longer than I planned! Ha. Get to the point Steve!!

Suddenly today, in another quickly failed attempt to use, it dawned on me that I have a very good place to maybe get a bit o’ notice. Namely, I have a blog. Granted I may not have a huge readership, but they are all over. And though some may only stop in once, it has the potential to catch many eyes. Besides those that have gotten to know me a bit also have their networks of friends. So why not  try?

If I have not thoroughly bored everyone by this point here it is: Anybody out there looking for a capable, smart, creative non-conformist who wants to change the world and is willing to work for peanuts as long as he can survive and the job has meaning? Ideally right now I am just looking for “contract” work. I will settle for “rake my yard and I will give you some cash”! At the moment I just need some money to make some dreams come true. Not necessarily looking for a full time job or a career, but also would not turn one away if it “fit”.

If you want a sadly necessary bit o’ words that sort of describe my work history and skills but not really, feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile.