New glasses!

Anyone who has wandered the pastures of my imagination may have noticed that there is an occasional demon to be found playing in there. I am not unusual in being a playground for demons, but I seem to have a knack for collecting odd ones. I am usually pretty good at keeping the buggers out of my mental playground, but every once in a while they gang up on me and have a grand old wrestling match. For the last couple of weeks the Demon Wrestling Foundation championships  have been in session.

This was partly due to some annoying issues that have been hanging over my head. Some of which were happily resolved today.

As is often the case with demon wrestling matches, it sometimes needs a bit of perspective shifting to banish the annoying beasties again. Seems that I had one of those this morning! So I figured what the hey … sharing time!!

As I dabble more and more with photography, I found I have developed what I call photographer vision. I find myself frequently looking at the world through the lens of a camera. I don’t know how often I have been frustrated because I saw something that would make an awesome picture, and had no camera!

Seems however that my vision has gained a new dimension. I am proud to say that I now also have blogger vision!

As I read through the many amazing blogs out there (check out the links on my sidebar for some great examples ), I have often though there was a certain lack in my own writing. I felt I was missing so much worth writing about in the world, or maybe not expressing things as well as I could. Guess maybe a little jealousy demon managed to get into the title match. But as I was sitting in court this morning, with much time and a plethora of life to ponder, it dawned on me that just like with photography, it is all about how you look at the world.  Instead of thinking “This is boring, wish it would be over” or “I hope that they don’t find me attractive in prison”, I started seeing what was happening around me as future blog posts.

The new official epiphany pic!

The next time I think I have nothing to write about, I just need to remember to actually open my senses and notice the abundance of life happening around me.

Epiphanies are sooooo cool!