Ninja salsa

While I am on the subject of my challenges with snack products, I figured I would share a food faux pas I made during my recent stint as Uncle Mom.

While her mom and dad were of celebrating their anniversary this past weekend, my niece Sarah and I spent some quality Uncle/Niece time together. You know doing things that are generally on the no no list (KIDDING sis!).  We had gotten a fair amount of outside adventure time in that morning before the ‘rents left, so the afternoon was devoted to indoor non-productiveness. We did actually finish making a quilt that Sarah had received as a Christmas gift, so I guess we can lay claim to some productivity, but the rest of the afternoon was devoted to playing video games.

At the time the hunger pangs hit, I believe we were play the LEGO Star Wars game (Space ninjas!! Woohoo!!) It was only about an hour until we were going to make dinner (something resembling quesadillas), but I needed to eat something so I had energy to make and eat something. I decided to keep with the "Mexican" theme, and grab some chips and salsa. Sarah decided to shore up with some gum. Now I am fond of mixing a bit of cottage cheese in with the salsa. Adds flavor and makes it feel like you are really eating something. So I went to the fridge, and looking where I last saw the salsa, grabbed the bottle I found there. I poured a little in a bowl, added some cottage cheese, and then back to the game, munching away. I had this odd sense in the back of my mind that not all was right in the salsa world. Something was … off. But it did not actually taste BAD so I just ""continued eating and using the force.

When it came time to make our quesadilla-like product, it was debated wether to put salsa in with the cheese and turkey-ronis. The consensus was yes, so I asked Sarah to grab the salsa bottle. She told me she could not find it, so I went to the fridge and said "It’s right here!" grabbing the bottle I had used earlier. This time I actually looked at it. Apparently the salsa had gone to the same disguise school as the remotes in my mother’s house, because the salsa had disguised itself as pizza sauce!!

That could be why my salsa/cottage cheese mix seemed a bit off.