Not quite getting it … me

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is amazing how time flies by when you totally avoid the world. Especially if you sleep for roughly twenty-six hours a day. Admittedly it make such goals as looking swave and deboner when I achieve my plans for world domination harder when I sleep all the time (not to mention actually achieving said world domination), but hey it’s a start. My dreams are very busy lately, and they sure do give me a serious workout.

Unfortunately I hid so well for the last few weeks that I have not been properly updated with the competition. Apparently Mark has been out and about doing father/sonly things, and has had a setback or two himself. And it seems Chlost is so comfortable with her as of last update healthy lead, so is going on about her life. But I figured it was time to … well wake up and join the world again for one. I even made a pretty chart to show my progress to date.

Loss chart
Ain’t it purdy?

As you can see I have made progress. I am not sure what in, as my goal loss is in orange and the actual “loss” is in blue, but there is definite activity here. At the very least it makes for a pretty chart. By the way does making a spreadsheet chart count as exercise? It had me sweating ….

Joking aside, I am not proud of myself right now. Once upon a time I had this thing called will power, and even a touch of discipline. Somewhere along the way I allowed both of those traits to sneak off, leaving me with this pudgy motivation-less mess I call me. Time for me to beat myself senseless to knock some sense into myself (does that make any sense?). I’d like to say I have a new drive and sense of purpose right now, but really all I have is a strong sense of disappointment in self. I have fallen into the way of acceptance.

This must change.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]