Nothing like a good breakfast…

I had another epiphanous moment yesterday.  <-  yes, that word is my own creation, but hey I am writing this.  Anyhooo... I was sitting down to one of those scrumdillyicous (:p) breakfasts that everyone wants to eat but doctors run screaming from.  Had a few bites.  Added a bit more syrup.  Had a few more bites.  Then, as I began raising my fork to my mouth again...well suddenly time stopped. And my awareness took an amazing leap outward. It dawned on me that someone had made that fork. Well yes of course. But in order to make that fork, someone else had to mine the materials needed for it. And someone had to deliver that material to a refinery.  And someone had to refine it. And then someone else had to deliver it to the fork factory. But wait. Others had to make the delivery vehicles.  And produce the gas that those vehicles use. Whoa!  My head began to spin, yet time was still standing still. And this realization kept expanding.  My mind was filled with all the ingredients necessary for me to enjoy that small bite of food, and how many people had a hand in getting it to me.  And how many other people had hands in providing those people with what THEY needed. In that timeless moment it seemed that my awareness spread and touched these people.  The countless people whose actions enabled others to take actions that enabled others to take actions that.... ultimately resulted in me taking this bite of yummy food.  I realized how interconnected we all are; and how every action we take, every decision we make---even the most mundane ones---can effect countless other lives.  And it seemed I could feel all these lives that were connected to mine for a moment.  Yet it was even more that that if it is possible.  For not only people were involved.  There were also the countless materials; fruits of the earth, necessary to make those connections possible.  I felt connected to all that as well.  With a profound sense of connectedness and gratitude, I sent out a Thank You throughout this vast network I had suddenly developed.

And just as suddenly time began moving again.  Yet the sense of connectedness remained. I continued putting the deliciously unhealthy morsel of food into my mouth, and found it was possibly the most amazingly tasty bit of food I have ever had. And from that point til now, I can no longer do, or see, anything without a brief thought to that vast sense of connectedness.

How is it that anyone can ever feel alone?