Now in the Blink of an Eye

Once upon a time, I blinked and missed now.

I kept trying to regain the now that I missed only to find that it had become a then. It was a clear then, but it kept changing with my mood. Couldn’t quite be sure what that now actually was.

So I had an idea. Maybe if I get a head start, I can get ahead of the now and then the then it will become will be now. So I headed into the yet to be.

There I was in the yet to be and looking back. And the funny thing is there were too many nows to pick from. Which now was the now I wanted?

So my dilemma was how could I regain that now. I looked there. And I looked there. And over there too. Just couldn’t seem to find it.

So I went to the corner wiseman, and asked him if he knew where I could find some missing now. He looked at me and smiled.

“That is easy” he said with a laugh. “It is right here”. And then he disappeared into a puff of light.

The puff of light was a fairly bright one. Caused me to blink again. And lo and behold there was the now.

Now I get it.