Now that's just crazy

Been a while since I had a proper crazy idea, so it is no surprise to me that one suddenly snuck up on me and poked me in the shoulder today. The little guy seemed to want a lot of attention, so being the softhearted type that I am, I gave in and listened to what he had to say. As is often the case with me and the random crazy idea … well we hit it off instantly. So I am going to make the bold idea get his desired acclaim and share him with the world (if one can consider a few people who accidentally click a link and end up on my blog the world that is).

This blog is often about self exploration. The one thing about soul-searching activity is that it is easy to become lost in your search. There is often a fine line between self discovery and self-absorption. I try to not cross this line, often using humor and self-deprecation as a tool to keep me humble and aware that I am no more special or unique than the next person.  I just happen to have some skill in expressing myself is all.

Don't I look creative?

So what does this have to do with the crazy idea? Well I am thinking that this blog is as much about improving my writing skills and creative side as it is about self exploration. I was thinking it would be both a challenge to me … and kind of cool … if instead of always ranting, rambling, waxing poetic and/or pathetic, and generally getting wordy on just my own ideas, I occasionally open up topic generation to the peanut gallery. Of course I am making a major assumption that there actually IS a peanut gallery, hence the craziness of the idea.

Here’s the thought. If anyone out there who has stumbled across my words and likes my style, or actually follows me out of some odd sense of obligation (like blood relation), would like me to rant, ramble, wax poetic and/or pathetic, or generally get wordy on an idea that is NOT actually my own, throw it my way. Make me work for my candy!! I will do my best to run with whatever idea is offered, with proper noting of who the original inspiration is (unless they would rather remain anonymous).

If this thought has any appeal to anyone, feel free to comment here, or drop me a line directly. I will do my best to run with any idea offered. I will even accept ideas from the random stranger that just happens to trip over my blog one time if they have the urge. This idea may fall flat because my daily average number of readers sometimes comes up negative, but that is the nature of crazy ideas. Who knows, maybe this will catch on and I will make it a regular post.