Own the responsibility

On my way to school a very old lady waves me over
So I asked if she was ok.
I couldn’t understand because it looked like she had had a stroke.
But I tried for 10 mins. Then a man passed me. I asked him could he help.
Totally walked past me.
Then a young girl too.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it is possible for us to communicate with people from all over the world. This is not news to anybody who might be reading this. If you are here, you already know what the internet is capable of. Because of who I am, and maybe my self-proclaimed mission in life, I have befriended many of these people … worldwide. Most of them I may never actually meet int he flesh, but I still consider them friend.

Like any true friend, this does not mean we see eye to eye on everything. In some cases we are completely on the opposite sides of some ideas. I would have it no other way. It is our ability to share these differences yet still be friends that truly bonds us. But there are certain common threads that EVERYONE I have befriended share. It has nothing to do with where they live, or their religion, but simply shared human traits. They all seek love and companionship. They all seek for the world to get its act together. And they all have issues with those that wield power within our world.

It seems a very common thread throughout the world. “I do not like all the policies of my government!” We complain about too many taxes. Or maybe not enough. We complain about unfair laws, or maybe that more laws are needed. We want the government out of our business, or maybe they need to regulate more. But I have rarely met ANYONE who was content with how they are being ruled.

Then I saw the above post on a friend of mine’s FB wall, and it got me thinking.

HelpHow can we expect, sometimes even demand change from those in power if we cannot do the same for ourselves? How would you react in the above situation. Someone is very clearly asking you for help … what would you do? The sad truth is many of us will walk the other way, with a whole slew of excuses to justify that action. It’s not my problem. There is nothing I can do anyway. They must want something from me. It is a trap. I am in a hurry. Or maybe you just conveniently “did not hear them”. If we can not find it in ourselves to help another in need, how can we expect others to do the same for us.? What right do we have to bitch and moan about how our government does things if we make no effort to change the world in our OWN reach for the better when we have the opportunity?

What it comes down to is if we want to change things, it is up to US to do it. Stop blaming others for what is wrong in the world. Stop praying or pleading with others to fix it, and then whining because they don’t hear you, or choose one of the many other excuses not to aid you. If we want change, we must step up and make it happen. Whether it is helping that little old lady asking for a hand, or taking an active stance on a major world shaking issue. Stop complaining, and DO something about things!

Let us own our responsibilities for a change. And stop handing them off to others.