Packing List

Before I became a boring middle-aged hermit who barely ever gets out of bed let alone leaves the house, I was quite the adventurous nomadic type. Spontaneity was my key word. Technically it still is. For instance I will spontaneously get out of bed to go to the closet and find a spontaneous snack … but it is not quite the same.  It was not unheard of for me to go on a road trip on less than a moment’s notice, despite minor details like jobs and the like. It was also not unheard of for those road trips to last several months or more. For several years of my life I basically lived out of bags. Again I sort of do still, but this time it is more I am too lazy to put my clothes away.

Because of this nomadic lifestyle, as well as a fair amount of roughing it in the wilds taught me the art and value of packing lightly … and quickly. Whenever I go away, it is pretty much guaranteed that I will pack my bags last-minute (i.e. two hours before I leave) and only take twenty minutes or so to do it. I rarely forget anything important, and yet usually have it down to one or two bags unless I am going away for a very long time. It boggles my mind how some people not only take several days to pack, but they end up having more than I even own just for a few day trip (probably as much as my packing style boggles THEIR minds). I even manage to do the boy scout motto … "Always Be Prepared" … some justice … though I was far from a boy scout. I learned some of these skills from one of my mentors from my school days, a man who was essentially a walking talking Swiss Army Knife.

"luggageThat said there is a trip coming up that I feel the need to plan ahead for. Since planning ahead really is not in my skill set, I am seeking advice from the worldly types who know something about being prepared. This is an atypical trip, so I really am having difficulty figuring out what to take along.

How does one pack for an apocalypse anyway?

I might be jumping the gun, seeing as we have 8 days left, but I want to be able to get to Wal-Mart if I don’t have everything I need. Do they have a special Apocalypse section now?

I was thinking lots o’ batteries, but maybe I should go with those self-generating power source type things. Should I have extra can openers? Do you think I will need a bathing suit? I am guessing I should plan for all temperatures. I wonder if they carry discount space suits … clothing for all extremes. And what kind of entertainment should I bring? A couple of books? A music player? I am assuming I still need to pack light. I am guessing band aids are a must.

Anyway some advice from those more experienced in these things would be welcome.  I slept through the last few apocalypses so I am really a novice at this stuff. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.