Paradoxically Creative

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the realization that we are always surrounded by inspiration. The trick is opening our senses to it. The challenge is not a lack of inspiration, but the lack of consistency in those who seek it. We humans are pretty fickle beings, changing from moment to moment … even those of us who wish to remain the same. We are leaves blown around by the ever-changing winds of life. What this ultimately means is that at times … even the most open-eyed will be blind to what is right before them.

It’s right there! In front of you!

I don’t claim to have particularly clear vision (nor superiority in any of my senses), but I am definitely having a blind moment right now. I did my recent semi-regular march to the “office” (my favorite watering hole) which has recently primed my creativity nicely. The whole walk here I had ideas swirling around, and I definitely had a good bit of intent set in my belly. Yet as soon as I got my computer set up as a word/idea factory … I stalled.

My  ispira-vision is simply not working.

For all the thoughts that kept me occupied during my walk, not a one seem to have sparked the ignition. This particular post is about my fifth failed start. As I write this, I guess I could say that my lack of inspiration inspired me.

Well whaddya know?

This is one of the beauties of creating … for me at least. Sometimes the best creations simply come on their own. The key is to start … even when you don’t even know what you are starting. It could be as simple as just typing a word, then another, and the next thing you know you have a sentence. Do it a few times, and you have a paragraph. Keep at it, and you might surprise yourself with an actual idea.

Apparently that is what I just did.

Who knows. Now that I opened a door, more might flow out. Guess I will have to re attempt my previous non-starts. Who know what might emerge now?