Pending apocalypse vs Spring … I take Spring!

Yep I took this one too!

Has anybody read So Long and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams (the fourth book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy)? In it he presents the idea that Dolphins are actually the second most intelligent species on the planet Earth, the first actually being lab rats. Sadly humans are fighting to keep third place. The dolphins, after years of trying to warn humans of the pending destruction of earth for interstellar highway routing, finally gave up and jumped ship just prior to the destruction of the earth. I bring this up because there was an article in the Boston Globe this morning about the recent unusual number of dolphins that are getting grounded on the Cape in the last few months. Apparently five times the norm … with nobody sure why it’s happening. I would also like to remind that it is 2012, which as everyone knows is the next scheduled end of the world.


Society as we know it seems to be collapsing around us. There are natural disasters happening on an ever more increasing basis. Mass dolphins suicides and well documented prophecies just round it out.

The world is definitely ending.

I am almost jealous of my father’s mental decline, since he has the enviable position of not even noticing it is happening.

But you know something? At this very moment in time none of that matters. Why? Because …


Now I know it seems a little early for this, but truth be told another sign of the pending apocalypse is that our seasons are all messed up, so we might as well accept and enjoy. Back in the day, we used to know Spring was pending when my father recited his seasonal tribute:

Spring has sprung, The grass has ‘ris. I wonder where the boidies is?

“The boids is on the wing!” “No! Silly! The wings is on the boids!”

I had no intent of writing a post here today, but did sit down to post an entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge, and then on a whim added the above pic to thru my eyes. While doing this, I glanced out the widow, saw the sun shining, noticed how (relatively) warm it is, and suddenly got that sense of pending possibility that always heralds the beginning of Spring to me. So I said to myself: “Self! {that is what I usually call myself when I am being kind}, what are you doing here sitting at a desk playing on the computer?!”

After a few moments thought, I answered myself cheekily: “Why blogging about why I should be outside of course!”

The simple fact of the matter is that this is the season of possibility. It is hard to see the world as doomed when the heart sings and the soul shouts “It all begins anew!!”

So if the world seems to be getting you down, just step outside, take a deep breath, and appreciate what life really is all about!