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Welcome to the world thru my eyes. This is a site devoted to capturing and sharing all that the world has to offer through the wonderful medium that is photography. I have been playing with a camera for years … it is one of those passions that refreshes my soul. Until recent years I rarely shared what I managed to capture, both due to self-doubt and a lack of ease in doing so. It dawned on me that ultimately photos are wasted if no one takes the time to appreciate them. I created this site so others can explore the world with me, or simply find enjoyment in some beauty. And if you find something especially pleasing, maybe you want to buy a picture to hang on your wall, or give as a gift. Whatever reason you came here, I hope you leave with a smile on your face!"

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Do you feel that you might want to look at it more often? Maybe it gives you peace or makes you think. Or maybe you would like to share it with someone else? Every photo on the site is available for purchase with a variety of different product options. Whether  for your own pleasure, or as a nice gift, you are welcome to any that catch your interest.

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