Monthly Archives: February 2012

Timeless now

Today being the ephemeral Feb 29th, I wanted to post a photo that had something to do with Leap Year. But I have not replaced my camera yet (though I always have the iPhone), and am not finding myself inspired for something new. So I searched my old pics (at least the ... Read More


I am making it a habit to have posts on my various blogs on a given day related to each other (even if loosely). I don’t always post on all three, or even in the same order. Sometimes I will be inspired by a photo, other times I seek a past photo that ... Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

So far with the weekly photo challenges, I have not tried to explain much, feeling the pics adequately fit the theme of the week. This time I think some explanation will enhance the image. This one was a bit of a challenge for me. I have many clear images that were perfect for the ... Read More

A camera's last adventure ….

I decided to take my aging camera on a random adventure yesterday. Unfortunately the valiant fellow, who has treated me well for several years, finally decided that it was time to go to the camera retirement home. This will be his last adventure! Despite the depredations of age and an over adventurous life, he still managed to take ... Read More

Changing of the guard

If I were asked to use one word to define my life this very moment, the word would be CHANGE. This picture seems to shout that word to me so I  am sharing it. This message is for those who try to prevent us from moving into the future because ... Read More

A camera's eye view … of a camera

I have not posted any yet, but I have a fascination with reflections, and find myself often trying to take pictures involving them. Ironically, like with many of my other attempts at artistry, some of the pics I like the best are actually more of an accident then by intent. I am ... Read More

Release the dreams …

I have had the urge to post this pic for some time now but kept finding reasons not to. But today is my niece’s 9th birthday and this pic seems somehow a fitting tribute. So here it is. May your dreams be limitless and may they carry you into the heavens!!