Monthly Archives: April 2017

Some interesting lighting effects

We just put out a new Hummingbird feeder (the old one leaked). It is a pretty little feeder, and the way the light plays on it and it’s contents has already intrigued me enough that I plan on getting out the trusty macro lens and aiming the camera at it ... Read More

(Not quite) Birds of a feather …

Today is Earth Day 2017. It is a grey listless day … somehow seeming appropriate considering the growing danger to the earth that is humankind. We set aside ONE day out of 365 to honor the planet that shelters us; the planet that nourishes us; the planet that we are ... Read More


My mother has always had a green thumb. Two really. Year round she has plants that she cares for, but spring has a special place in her heart. For as long as I can remember she has tended a garden. As she approaches the autumn of HER life, she tends ... Read More


As winter started leaving the scene (at least the first time), I tried to combine my joy of macro-photography with my fascination with catching motion, with limited success. I was using a higher end macro lens … without a tripod. This is asking for trouble, even when motion is NOT ... Read More

A Winter's Tale

Like many feeling folk, I find myself strongly effected by the weather. Not just individual weather patterns … but by the overall seasons as well. Winter inevitably draws out the shadows within, and I slip into ‘hide from the world’ (and maybe myself too) mode. It is a lessening of motivation, combined ... Read More