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Freeze …

Freeze …

Whatever one’s feelings about winter, one thing that always holds true is that it provides great opportunity for unique and beautiful photos. For several reasons I have not been all that active with my camera (or the blog) again lately, but a recent storm brought out the “I have to ... Read More

Friends and Seasonal Change

Whether you believe in Climate Change or not (personally I have no doubt of its reality), it is pretty clear to anyone paying attention that recent weather patterns are definitely NOT par for the course. The seasons of late seem much less well-defined. I grew up in New England, which ... Read More

Some interesting lighting effects

We just put out a new Hummingbird feeder (the old one leaked). It is a pretty little feeder, and the way the light plays on it and it’s contents has already intrigued me enough that I plan on getting out the trusty macro lens and aiming the camera at it ... Read More


As winter started leaving the scene (at least the first time), I tried to combine my joy of macro-photography with my fascination with catching motion, with limited success. I was using a higher end macro lens … without a tripod. This is asking for trouble, even when motion is NOT ... Read More

Cat o lantern

I no longer celebrate many holidays, because I think they have all been ruined by over commercialization. That said, I still am moved to some more traditional modes of celebrating. For instance, on Halloween, I will occasionally have the urge to take a knife to a pumpkin. This was my ... Read More