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Freeze …

Freeze …

Whatever one’s feelings about winter, one thing that always holds true is that it provides great opportunity for unique and beautiful photos. For several reasons I have not been all that active with my camera (or the blog) again lately, but a recent storm brought out the “I have to ... Read More

macrophotography 6

Just because something is small does not mean it is insignificant. Often the smallest things are also the most intricate and/or beautiful. With patience and the right tools, one can capture even the tiniest works of art. macrophotographyClick on a photo to enlarge it. 1macro photography 2macro photography 3macro photography 4macro photography 5macro ... Read More

Friends and Seasonal Change

Whether you believe in Climate Change or not (personally I have no doubt of its reality), it is pretty clear to anyone paying attention that recent weather patterns are definitely NOT par for the course. The seasons of late seem much less well-defined. I grew up in New England, which ... Read More