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Another cool moon shot

As I have mentioned before, I rarely do much editing of my photos beyond some cropping and maybe a bit of color correction. Sometimes, if I feel inspired creatively, I might try to more aggressively use editing software. And there are certain situation that require some editing if I want ... Read More

Hunter's moon remix

I usually don’t do much editing of my photos, beyond some cropping and white balance adjustment. But sometimes I get the urge to play with some photos. Moon shots are one area I often take liberties with, partially because I have a long way to go to mastering the art of ... Read More

Time for some cloud art …

I have not been using my camera much lately. This is partly because I have been spending a lot of time overhauling this site and organizing the MANY photos already here. But it is also due to a lack of motion in my life at the moment. I kind of ... Read More