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Freeze …

Freeze …

Whatever one’s feelings about winter, one thing that always holds true is that it provides great opportunity for unique and beautiful photos. For several reasons I have not been all that active with my camera (or the blog) again lately, but a recent storm brought out the “I have to ... Read More


As winter started leaving the scene (at least the first time), I tried to combine my joy of macro-photography with my fascination with catching motion, with limited success. I was using a higher end macro lens … without a tripod. This is asking for trouble, even when motion is NOT ... Read More

A Winter's Tale

Like many feeling folk, I find myself strongly effected by the weather. Not just individual weather patterns … but by the overall seasons as well. Winter inevitably draws out the shadows within, and I slip into ‘hide from the world’ (and maybe myself too) mode. It is a lessening of motivation, combined ... Read More