Planning ahead

How to set up a basic house wide water filter so it is easy to replace (in 10 easy steps):


  1. Put it at the far end of a crawl space that would have a little person on their hands and knees.
  2. Make sure the instructions are simple, clear, and leave any pertinent information out.
  3. Make sure everything is not at all labeled, or if you DO use labels, that they conflict.
  4. Use a filter container that is made by the same people who build Dr. Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S. That way it will be sure to fill the container with much more water than is actually possible in this time space continuum.
  5. Make sure the filter container hangs down, so when you put a bucket under it to catch the water you will be removing … you can’t move the bucket once it is full.
  6. Make sure the pressure meter makes absolutely no sense to anyone.
  7. Make sure the pressure release valve is on the top, so the water squirts everywhere EXCEPT the bucket you have prepared for it.
  8. Make sure that it is impossible to tell if the water level is actually changing at all.
  9. Make sure the valve that shuts of the water source from the city does not completely cut off the incoming water, explaining the apparent dimensional difference in the filter container.
  10. Make sure that the instructions include the necessity to wash out the filter container, but don’t explain how since the water is now off. Nor how to do it before the incoming water from the valve that does not shut all the way floods the basement.

I have to admit, it was quite the adventure. I often wonder if the people who design these things ever actually TRY them?