Once upon a time I had a lot to say. This of course was well before I started blogging, so I often waxed pathetic, poetic, pissed and occasionally practical with many a word to the ether, since I usually wrote or spoke to no one. Then I went all bloggy and suddenly I had plenty to say on all subjects … well to no one again. But now it was easier to find.

In recent months I seem to have run out of things to say. Maybe I just got it all out of my system? It seems more of my blog is now taken up by challenges from others to create. Not that this is a bad thing. My primary kick in the butt these days is the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, and yep … it’s back. This week’s prompt:

… being clear is essential to …

Seeing as blogging is all about communicating, and I frequently question if I am actually communicating anything, I came up with the following bit o’ silliness. Hope you all enjoy again!

Communications 101: Beginner’s Obfuscation

Course Summary: A successful career in politics, law, and medicine, requires mastery of the Art of Obfuscation. Proper communications is necessary in all of these fields, with Obfuscation being the primary and only acceptable mode. Being clear is essential to all communications. This class will teach you to clearly say other than what you actually mean. It will distinctly teach how not to be distinct. You will learn how to twist words, speak in generally unknown terms, and be introduced to the fine art of Not Actually Saying Anything Useful.

Prerequisite for Speech Writing 102, Legaleze 201, and Prescription Writing 302.