Productivity suite

Now that I have a project that will best proceed if I actually manage my time, I seem to be having the greatest difficulty doing just that. It does not help that I am not the type to actually own a watch let alone look at it.  I have been at it only a week or so, and have so far managed to spend more time not doing than doing. I am definitely not a good role model for myself!

In an attempt to better manage my time, I am doing the list thang again and hope it works for me. So here are the top five things for me NOT to do to actually have a productive day.

  1. Don’t stay in bed until noon! There is absolutely no possible definition of “being productive” that in any way includes not getting your arse out of bed for the first 5 hours you are awake. No matter how creative you may be!
  2. Facebook is not a form of exercise! While exercise is definitely on the must do list to ensure that you don’t get writer’s butt, Facebook does not count no matter how vigorously you type. Granted there may be some exercise value in having a 10 pound computer lying on your belly as you type away, but the value is minimal.
  3. There is no difference between 10 and 50 in the blogging world! Nothing wrong with keeping up with frequent posts on your blogs, but there is absolutely no reason you have to look at your blog stats 40 times an hour to see if maybe one more person actually had a look. Face it, no one reads your blog! Except for the devout few kind souls who have taken pity on you and have a dislike of crickets.
  4. TV is not a valid life soundtrack! Sure  a little background music  can help motivate and get the creative juices going. However TV does not actually count as music. Especially if there is a lot of action and conversation that needs to be followed!
  5. It’s not the cat’s fault! No matter how much of a guarantee it is that a cat will show up and demand attention as soon as you DO settle your arse down to get working, that is no excuse to not work! It’s your own fault for letting the cat get in the room in the first place!

Now it remains to be seen if I will actually heed my own advice!