Purpose and doubt

I have been quiet here lately, as is no doubt obvious to any who actually pay attention to this site. Some might be curious why, more likely few are really interested.

And that is precisely why I have been quiet.

I have once again been wrestling with the concept of “Why bother?” What is the point of sharing words with the intent of getting people to think; to react; to maybe even start something, when to all appearances people are simply NOT interested. More and more it seems that if something is not attached to an emotionally laden picture, with constantly reused words of wisdom or reactionary phrases, then people don’t think it is worth worth paying attention too. Something that does not expound on “known” facts, throwing statistics around to prove an agenda, but rather asks people to think for themselves, is for the most part not welcome. So why bother writing such pieces?

People will believe what they want to believe. They hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see. Education does not really matter, it happens with the well-educated as often as the poorly educated. Attempts to convince people of opposing points of view only work if the are willing to recognize an opposing point of view. It only works if they already doubt. On top of that, why should I think that what I have to say has any more value than anyone else?

howlingI created PAX Nation to be a community, and I still have hopes of it becoming one. But I am starting to wonder if I am the one to make such a community happen. I express ideas, and at most I get is people telling me how I am a naive, idealistic fool. I never seem to inspire anything other than criticism. So this tells me that either I AM a naive, idealistic fool, or if my ideas have any merit, no one is really ready for them yet. So maybe I should give up even trying. After all even the loudest shout goes unheard if no one is listening.

The simple answer is this. NO idea will ever succeed if it is not even shared. Any idea, no matter how foolish some might find it, is as good as silence if kept locked in one’s mind. So I will continue to share my ideas, welcome or not. I will continue to urge others to think for themselves; to question; to push their own limits, and embrace change if they see the need for it. I will keep the borders open on this borderless nation, and hope that maybe someday others will see value in such a community. And maybe decide to help it grow.

I make no claim to superior wisdom. I certainly have a lot less knowledge than many. Though I often recognize when things are broken, I don’t always know how to fix them. My strength is in my ability to shift perspectives … in finding alternatives when one idea does not work. Sometimes this is just recognizing the merit in someone else’s ideas. PAX Nation is the soil to plant new ideas. There are many things that can change in the world, and we too often hold onto failing methods instead of starting with fresh ideas. Maybe now is not the time for newness, but the tools are there for anyone who wants to explore the world of possibility.

So I will continue to shout … to howl into the wind. Maybe others will hear me. Maybe others will even join me. Maybe not. But if I stop than NOTHING is all I can ever expect.