Putting one foot in front of the other (for a change)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As part of my pursuit of a better me, I use Lumosity. Lumosity is a site devoted to exercising the brain. I have always believed keeping the brain strong is just as important as keeping the body healthy. Add to this the history in my family of brain related diseases (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s), I want to do what I can to maintain the health of ALL of my organs. My brain happens to be my favorite.

Lumosity breaks down its training into several areas: Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility and Problem Solving. While I do better than average in all areas, my weakest area is attention. I think I have always known this, but now I have statistical proof. Why am I pointing this out? Because it has dawned on me that this   “weakness” can actually explain much about the course of my life. I do not truly consider it a weakness, but it does explain much about my choices in life. What it comes down to is this, I often have problems in moving forward because I am looking … and moving … in too many directions at once. I have so many interests that I find it hard to focus on any one all the time. This often means that I don’t see things to the end, or worse yet don’t do the best I can because I am too busy multi tasking.

Like I said, I don’t regret being this way. I like who I am, and for the most part like the path I have travelled to be me. But my lack of single focus does mean that I will not always get to where I aiming, simply because I have too many targets. Sometimes this can be useful. Other times not so much.

For instance right now I have multiple projects going on, all requiring more attention than one person can easily give them if they are to grow. Between “saving” the world, combatting obesity, taking loooooooooong walks, and attempting to write two books, I am ultimately not getting very far in ANYTHING.

So I have decided to try things differently. I am going to focus primarily on my upcoming Appalachian Trail hike. This does not mean I am giving up on the other projects, just shifting the focus of them so they all aim at the same goal.

Maybe if all my guns are aimed at the same target, I will actually have a chance of hitting it!

So in short, if you have any interest in my multiple projects, feel free to check on them all, but if the ideal one to focus on (at east for me) is A Tail of a Trail (it is also on FB and twitter). Feel free to make these your new favorite sites. Tell all your friends. Tell all your enemies. Shout it randomly in crowds. Who knows, maybe it will become something worth talking about!