Quiet (A Q post defined by its absence)

Often if I am invited to a costume party and can’t go for some reason, I will basically say that I DID in fact go, but I was in costume so no one could see me. The costume of course being the invisible man.

There is actually a point to that one sentence anecdote. Yesterday was Q day in the A to Z Challenge. I was running through ideas all day, and due to a lot going on … in my mind as well as in general … couldn’t seem to nail one. I was really having trouble focussing on just about anything. Lately I can’t seem to focus, because there is too much going on. Too much … noise. I don’t just refer to a cacophony of sounds, but also a cacophony of thoughts. A cacophony of the soul. A veritable spiritual cacophony. What I really need is a good solid bit of …


Sometimes things are best said when nothing is said at all. Sometimes to truly hear what there is to be heard, we need to silence the cacophony. Quiet is not actually an absence of sound.Rather it is a removal of UNNECESSARY sound, allowing the Rhythmic Beauty of life to truly be heard. In our modern, fast paced world of so-called progress, we have lost the simple art of being Quiet.

At first I was going to write about this last night. But then, like the invisible man costume, I thought it would actually be more profound if I demonstrated Quiet … well … quietly. I specifically chose to quiet my mind by NOT posting, and sharing a bit of quiet with the world. Even if the world did not even notice.

This may sound like an excuse for once again missing a post, but in truth it was really a choice. I hope my moment of quiet worked for others. I know I needed it.