Ranting randomly

I am feeling feisty today. Which means maybe it is time for a good ole rant. Haven’t had one for a while. But since I don’t have a specific rant at the moment, I will try something new … a stream of conscious rant. Who knows what I might “yell” about next? I guess my rant could start with the post I recently shared on my “save the world ” blog. Basically it was about embracing diversity. Sameness; conformity is self-defeating. Prejudice is nothing other than fear and/or unwillingness to accept anything different. People need to stop pretending that the way to a better world is to conform to their own selfish way of thinking. Anyone unwilling to accept different is plain and simply selfish … no matter how they might want to sugar coat it.

Apparently today is World Kindness Day, which sounds like a damned good idea to me. I was alerted to this fact by the wonderful folk at Bloggers for Peace. I have no beef with these blogs. I think we need more people like that out there. But I do have a bit of a beef with the concept of Kindness for a DAY, or the SEASON of giving we are about to enter. Should these concepts be how we act EVERY day … instead of just on specific dates or specific times of the year. This is basically true of most holidays. They should not be the “special” day, but the reminder of how to act EVERY DAY.

By the way, when did politics become the final reason for EVERYTHING we choose to do. Another natural disaster hits, thousand lose their lives or at the very least their ability to survive easily, and immediately everyone jumps on how their personal agendas might benefit from this … forget just helping people who need help. At this moment in time, does it really matter if global warming was the cause? Does it matter if we have anything to gain from helping them. For that matter, all the people dying in the world from the actions of MAN, and all we do is argue about whose fault it is, and whether WE can benefit from helping.

Whatever happened to helping because it is the right thing to do?

It seems to me we are slowly losing the simple concept of civility. We should not hold doors to prove chivalry isn’t dead. We should not do it to show what good people we are. How about doing it for the simple kindness of not letting a door slam in someone else’s face? The whole golden rule thang!

Maybe we should stop looking for REASONS to do nice things, and simply do them. Imagine what kind of world that might create! I know, it is a difficult concept for many. This generation has been turned into a “What’s in it for me?” generation, and the odd person who actually DOES simply for the “SAKE OF DOING” has become the rarity.

Pretty sad if ya ask me.

OK that is all I have for now. Guess my random is not so random after all. I am really kind of fed up with humanity. We seem to have embraced the dark side, and actually belittle the light side these days. If it were not for the occasional shining light in the world (such as the two bloggers I just pointed to), I would have lost hope for humanity a looooooooong time ago.

¡Viva la Revolución!