Re-reflecting on reflections


My journey of late has become more metaphysical than physical. Who knew that would be the more painful adventure?

I love mirrors. Well, to be more accurate, I love reflective surfaces. To me they are like gateways to other worlds; doorways to What If. They are spark plugs for the imagination engine … ready to take us on new adventures at a moment’s notice. Reflections are a constant reminder of POSSIBILITY, while at the same time giving clearer insight to our chosen reality. Yes, I do love reflections.

But as with everything in this world, there is a yang to the in of reflection. Sometimes those other worlds (or is it THIS world?) are cast in shadow. Sometimes they are bleak views indeed. What then?

Irony has become the keystone of my existence.

I got lost in a room of mirrors yesterday … caught by reflections everywhere. At the same time, or maybe BECAUSE of this, I was hit by a barrage of life changing epiphanies. The kind of realizations that change paths … the kind that bring the words “rock bottom” into the picture. For the next couple of hours, the word “WOW!” came constantly to my lips, often staggering me. The barrage ultimately pushed my thoughts into some very dark areas. I have become a cliché … Willy Loman incarnate. I did not know what to do with myself … all my options seemed to just strengthen the cliché. Talk about bleak reflections!

Then that pesky part of me; that part of me always willing to find a bright side, decided to take part in the discussion. The Watcher in me stepped back, allowing the bigger picture to emerge. Sure, that pathetic, tragic image before you is only pathetic; only tragic … if YOU choose to perceive it that way. Choose to see it another way. Pick the reflection YOU want. Laughing the whole time, I bought myself some candy and watched cartoons until I went to sleep.

Ultimately, the real challenge any of us face is to look at our own reflection and feel nothing but love.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]