Reading minds

Since mom is apparently psychic (at least when it is most inconvenient to be), she seems to think that everyone else is too. She is notorious for starting a conversation in the middle, assuming you have a clue what she is talking about.  Or she will be upset because you did or did not do something, when she never actually expressed her wishes in the matter.

One thing you don’t ever want to do is not hear her the first time. Because if you ask her to repeat herself, she will invariable focus on the specific part of the sentence that is most important to her, and expect you to simply understand. A typical conversation with her:

“Steve, could you please help me get this bowl down?” She is in the kitchen. I am upstairs in my room with my door closed. So at best I simply know she is calling me. So I go to the kitchen.

“Did you need me for something?”

“The bowl,” would be her likely answer at that point.

My answer, “What about a bowl?”

At which point she would snappishly ask me to get it down for her, as if I should have known all along.

So this morning I am sitting on the computer working on one of my blogs. My cell rings. It is mom so I actually answer. She says “Don’t laugh at me. But what is the word for what I want to ask Allen?” Allen is her financial advisor.

I of course have no idea what she is talking about. “I have no idea what you are talking about,” I surprisingly say.

She explains further that she is talking about taking funds from her retirement account. So I hazard a guess and apparently get the right word. And that was the extent of the phone call.

So does the ability to read minds develop later? Or is it simply a mom thing?