Really, it’s a bargain!

I did something today I have not done in quite some time. I went to the supermarket with my mom. Before you get the idea that I was being the dutiful and helpful son, I’ll set the record straight by saying I got a ride to pharmacy to get my flu shot (too lazy to walk), so was kind of stuck with the supermarket part of the deal.

Phew. Reputation intact!

My style of shopping in the supermarket is just like my style anywhere else. Go in. Get what ya need. Leave. If I happen to be hungry when I shop, then I might get a few things that I don’t need, just want, but still just in an out. No pricing. No coupons. Quick and painless as possible. Which means that I might not get the same thing twice in a row (though it is just as likely I will too).

""My mother on the other hand buys the same things all the time, so has it all planned out. Partly it is the "stick with what you know" principle. But she is also doing the most for your money thing. Which is not bad thing if you have the patience for it. Of course this also means a collection of coupons to be sorted through, and a keen eye for "Today’s Special" signs.

I have always been fascinated by the whole idea of coupons and specials. Especially how some people react to them. My mother is notorious for buying something she did not want or need simply because it was "Buy one get one free" that day. She would say how much money she was saving. I would ask if she planned on buying one before the sale and she would say no. So I am not quite clear on how paying for something that you initially had no intent on buying saves money, even if you get two for the price of one.

I recently read about a study that is trying to determine if human susceptibility to advertising is actually genetically defined.

Apparently I was born without that gene.