If you are here reading this bit o’ nonsense, you no doubt have an inkling of how technology is basically altering the world as we know it. First we had the whole personal computer epidemic, which resulted in the death of the calculator industry and the rise of paper empires (despite claims otherwise). Then we had that whole internet infection, that replaced the television (which itself had supplanted the radio) as the font of all truth and wisdom. Now we have taken it all a step further. We have mastered the art of putting our personal computers in our pockets and loosely calling them phones. And we have created this oddly compelling yet strange animal called …

Social Networking.

Social Networking is changing the very ways humans interact. It has such an impact that it is actually changing our languages. I mean it is a true sign of change when texting shortcuts actual enter the vocal language. OMG  do people really say that? LOL. But that is not the only way that such things are changing our view of the world. I can remember when Tweeting was the sound a bird made.


I was chatting with a good friend of mine who I actually have never met. Another wonder of the social networking phenomenon. We were getting silly on one of those social games that really serve no purpose other than allowing people from all corners of the world to use each other as an excuse to not actually do anything useful. She had an amusing picture for her profile picture, and I made a silly comment about how I was going to put it on my wall. She answered with something that just made me actually OL my L, and prompted this whole bit of gobbledy-gook.

She asked me if I meant my bedroom wall or my Facebook wall.

Yep, this world is changing!