Reinventing the wheel

Just over ten years ago, I entered the blogging world thinking I finally found my “thing” and soon it would only be a matter of time before I became a household name. It took me roughly a week to realize that I would be lucky to get any followers at all, but I jumped in wholeheartedly, still thinking I would make something of this blogging idea. In no time at all I had 9 blogs devoted to different subjects. One of them was even going to change the world! I created this specific blog to be a portal to the others and the parent “company” when it all came together as a financial entity.

Three or four years later it finally sunk in that I did not have the social skills, aptitude, or even drive to make any kind of living doing this, so it shifted more towards a hobby. As social networking blossomed, blogs became more about branding than expressing oneself, and my interest waned even more. Yet I kept the blogs alive, partly because I didn’t want to lose the content that I had already created, some of which I was quite proud of. I posted increasingly less often, until I was essentially just paying for storage.

I finally realize how pointless this was, so downgraded my various blog related expenses, but keeping minimal setups (and learning ways of consolidating) to keep the content. Unfortunately this often resulted in me having to rebuild from scratch and probably losing content. The world, technology and started to change very quickly (in many ways NOT for the better), and I stopped doing anything except constantly updating the associated software. Of course this almost always broke the blogs, so periodically I would step up and fix them all again, and maybe even make a post or three.

Being as slow in the uptake as I can be, it again took me a while to realize how silly this was, and I firmly told myself: “Self! Either commit to the hobby again or call it quits and find a new project that you CAN commit to!!” I cried for a bit due to my harsh tone to myself then sucked it up and made a commitment and a plan. I would remake my blogs (at least the ones that I still valued)! I would make them more functional, prettier and start posting again! I had clear ideas and a heart of fire. LET’S DO THIS!!

Three years later:

True to my word and intent, this is the first post of this particular reworked blog. It just took me a few years. The above images are comparing the old logo (left) to the new one (right). The whole look of this site has also been changed. This “blog” will give updates to what has changed in all my blogging projects for anyone who is interested … basically writing for myself.

I have re- worked, imaged, started, thought  several of my other projects, though there is much work to do on all of them (and some have yet to be started). I won’t go into THAT much detail right now. Being the only viewer of most of these blogs, I would only bore myself by doing that. Suffice to say I have FINALLY begun my overhaul.

It remains to be seen how long this new found drive and motivation will last.

More new logos …

ADDENDUM (July 29, 2022) 2 years and 1 week after posting this. I have now ALMOST done what I said I was going to do here. WOOHOO! Progress!