In this greed driven age, just about EVERYTHING is done with the first question being “What’s in it for me?” This attitude has led to most of the conflict in the world. It has gotten so bad that we even think we own concepts and ideas … “use MY idea without my permission and I will own your soul”. To avoid any less than pleasant interactions with those driven by such thinking, I now make a point of using my own photos on my various blogs. This is not an issue, since I have a few thousand photos to pick from, a number that continuously grows. While I was looking for an image to use on a new post I just wrote (the specific photo over there ⇒), I ended up searching through the “archives”. Not only was I reminded how many pics I have that have yet to be shared (expect a bunch of “new” old photos), I realized that, at least occasionally, I actually have some skill with the camera.

The below image I re-found spoke to me of the power of persistence, even when all seems too bleak to continue. It made me think of the current political atmosphere in the world, one driven by the greed and selfishness I mentioned above; one that I fully oppose on ALL levels. I have little power to change things, but that does not mean I will simply roll over and let others decide my fate. I will stand tall and continue to strive, even if surrounded by trained zombies … kind of like this photo. As I said, I can’t do much to change things, but I support those who CAN. I guess this pic is a shout out to such folk … hence the title of this post.

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