Return of the Wise Man

I wander trying to find The Answer.

Maybe that man over there, the one who claims to have a unique link to The Divine has it?
“Faith,” he says.
Nah. That seems too lazy to me.

How about that guy who seems to own everything?
“Material wealth,”  he says.
Nope.  Not buying it.

Maybe the destitute man over there?
“Look to the bottom of a bottle,” he says.
Now THAT’S just avoiding The Answer.

Suddenly in a flash, our friendly Wise Man appears (we met him before in Now in the Blink of an Eye).
“Maybe  you  should figure out The Question first,” he says with a smile, and then flashingly disappears again.

Once more the flash opens my eyes. Both the inner ones AND the outer ones. The Question appeared:
“How should I live?”

Now that I understand The Question, The Answer seems obvious.
“Just do your best and live.”

Seems I have had The Answer all along.