Returning to self

A healthy life is ultimately about finding balance. No matter what aspect of life we are discussing, we will find that the too much of something can be as harmful to our well-being as too little. In both cases we will find that something necessary to our holistic health is neglected, often without ourselves even being aware of it. That is why this site is called “START with the body” … because that is only ONE aspect of the process of living healthy.

Being a healer at heart, I created this site. However, in my own search for balance I have managed to neglect many of my own needs. How can I hope to be helpful to others if I cannot even help myself with full effectiveness. So once again I re-image my intent, and see where it takes me … and if others can also learn from my mistakes, all the better. I have not been all that helpful in the lifetime of this site, but this does not mean it is of no benefit, or that it will never be. So I will continue to share about my own journey to well-being, and who knows where it might lead.

Allowing the negativity that is rampant in the world to invade my defenses has resulted in a listlessness and lack of focus in my life. I keep finding myself railing at my perceived failings in others, forgetting that not only is it not my place to judge them, but also not my journey to travel. I am responsible for me and me alone. I cannot tell others how to live, nor can I tell them what is right and what is wrong. All I can do, and all I have the RIGHT to do, is live my own life to the best of my abilities, and share the lessons I learn along the way for any who wish to learn the same lessons.

I have realized that my current focus needs to be to let the anger and negativity drain out of my system.  Hopefully, I will share the steps I take here, and maybe others can find inspiration for their own paths in my choices … even if by doing the opposite of what I do. How do I plan to remove the negativity? By remembering balance.

It all needs to start with the body again. It is a demonstrable fact that one of the best antidepressants is physical exercise. It is not really about what exercise … just the fact of regular exercise. So my first step is to do physical activities on a more regular basis. The second step is to become re-acquainted with myself. I need to enhance my own awareness, not only of my body, but  my own motivations and thinking. The reality is one cannot achieve balance without self-awareness. This is true both in the kinesthetic view of balance as well as the metaphysical version. Awareness is really the key. I need to restore my awareness of ME.

This is all rather enigmatic, and really does not say much. I don’t have a specific schedule of activities, because that is not how I operate. I will take each day as it comes, and practice embracing the day to the best of my abilities. In the process, I expect to regain comfort in my own body, as well as the ability to smile by choice again. To some, this is all philosophical psycho-babble. Others might see the sense in what I am saying, and still others may just be curious about what will happen. I won’t personally know until I have taken the journey. I will still share information that I find of use along the way, though it may just as well be what I have failed at. If my journey aids another in any way, then I have added to my own sense of balance. Nothing attempted is ever truly a waste … even if the attempt seemingly failed.