I had a dream, and I started working towards it. This is pretty much how ANY idea becomes a reality. Such is life, though, that sometimes, even as we pursue them, our dreams change. Maybe the change is a simple evolution of the dream as we get a clearer picture of the final goal.  Maybe our priorities change, and our dreams are modified to match our new priorities. Or maybe we come to understand that we do not necessarily have the tools to make the dream come true, and we have to change our focus. In such cases, we either need to work on getting the necessary tools, or be willing to alter the dream. Whatever causes the change in direction, the truth remains the same … paths shift.

PAX Nation is one BIG dream, and I entered the path towards it realizing that it may never be more than just an idealistic fantasy. However I am not one to shy from a task that I believe in just because it supposedly can’t be done. The modern world is DEFINED by people doing what they were told they couldn’t do. I still believe that nationalism has over-stayed its welcome. I still believe that the best hope for humanity’s continued growth is to embrace compassion and cooperation. I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of One World, One People … even if it is not triggered by my crazy little project.

Yet I realize that many do not agree with my view of the world … all too often those who have the power to influence the path of civilization. I also realize that I am really a nobody with grand ideas. This is not self-deprecation … just a full understanding of who I am. I have few resources and very little influence with anyone who has a power base of any sort. With effort and a fair amount of good luck, this could always change, but my general ineffectiveness is my current reality, and has been for quite some time. I am a very capable person … alone that is rarely enough to change the world. I have been working on this idea of mine for several years now, with varying degrees of devotion, and what I have arrived at is essentially a community of one with high aims and a decent website. As one might imagine, this is quite frustrating. With the rather depressing trend of the United States (and much of the rest of the world for that matter) towards selfish and greed based governance, I found myself feeling pretty powerless. Powerless to the point of giving up on working on just about everything I believe in.

It goes without saying (yet say it I will), GIVING UP on life is no way to live. I wrestled with my demons through the winter months, and came out on top. My last post was kind of my victory shout. Now I am working on taking my own advice (often a challenge), Instead of focusing on what I cannot do, I am once again working with what I CAN do. My greatest skills are understanding and creating. So that is what I will continue to do. I will continue to create, for the sake of creation itself. I will continue to keep compassion alive through my ability to understand others. I am NOT giving up on PAX Nation. But I am modifying the dream as needed.

My nation may only be a nation of one, but it is a nation that welcomes ANYONE who seeks to be here. PAX Nation will continue to grow … within the limits of my own resources and abilities … but grow it will. If I cannot offer armies of world changers, then I will offer what I CAN. Sanctuary. If you want a place to step away from the strife of a contentious world, welcome to PAX Nation. If  … by visiting … you find some needed help, then you are welcome to it. If you find that this sanctuary has a sense of home about it, you are welcome to stay. Those who would control others for their own dark needs will never truly be victorious as long as even ONE person remains to oppose them. If all I can offer is a breath of fresh air, then fresh air is what I will give. And if my sanctuary manages to grow in resources and influence, LOOK OUT WORLD!

In the mean time, the door is always open …

Sometimes, all we need is a place to feel safe.