Santa moved!

Seeing as the scariest day of the year is approaching, which ironically is supposedly the true start of the giving season, I though it was a good time to share this little anecdote. That and I ran out of other ideas!

Face it only the bravest, or most desperate souls actually leave the house on Black Friday. Especially if they are still recovering from the excess of overabundance they no doubt more than indulged in the day before (say that one time fast). But any who actually have the courage to shop on that day, may find that they will have an unexpected pleasure. The pleasure of meeting Santa in his new home.

""I have it from the most reliable of sources that he has moved. Last year, when I was actually a working man (if one can call a lifeguard a working man) I was watching over a swim class with a young boy in it. I believe he was maybe five or six. It is common for the instructors to occasionally chat with their students to make the class more enjoyable and to let them rest. So the question was put to this little boy, "Where does Santa live?"

Without hesitation, the boy firmly said: "The mall!"

Who would know better than a child? Of course in this economy, who could blame Santa for moving. I mean heating costs alone must be through the roof. Not to mention travel expenses. Might as well cut down on the distance for delivery. Much cheaper.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! May it be a happy start to a wonderful holiday season!