Saving some money

“It’s here! It’s here!”

… is what I would be shouting with energy if my recent weekend of debaucherous charity had not left me feeling like Wile E Coyote after a mishap with an ACME Steam Roller. But despite my well-earned exhaustion, I am still excited to have another opportunity to stretch the imagination muscles with the newest prompt for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. This week we must use the phrase: … but I turned it off … with our hundred words. At first I was stumped, but the way I feel right now seemed to offer up an angle and here is what emerged. Enjoy!

“Leaving it on overnight costs me money! Do it again and your fired!”

He was very clear about that. So you’d figure I would remember this time. Halfway down the stairs I remembered. I ran back up, tripping on the last stair causing me to stumble into the door. I hit it so hard the lock actually snapped. Ouch! Dizzy now, I stepped into a wastebasket, causing me to trip and shatter the coffee machine all over the floor. Avoiding the glass everywhere, I manged to bang into the fax machine, somehow causing it to crash through the window.

But I turned it off!

Note to my fellow Challengers. It is frustrating me that I seem unable to leave comments on any non Word Press blogs. Just wanted you guys to know that I do often read your creations and always enjoy them. Some serious talent out there!!