I am trying a little experiment here. It is akin to one I tried a few years ago on résumé posting sites. I was (as is often the case in my life) looking for work, and was fed up with the minimal response when I posted my résumé on several sites. So as a test, I posted a new résumé. This “résumé” was nothing more than a list of keywords found on That was it. Nothing else. Not even a sentence or my name.

I never got so many job offers in my life.

All the emails said something to the effect of “we read your résumé and think you would be perfect for such and such a position”.

Need I say more?

So out of curiosity, since as far as I can tell there is no actual rhyme or reason to which blog posts are popular and which generate cricket sounds, I am listing the top twenty search terms from google at the moment, and will put them in my tags as well. I also titled this by a word that has nothing to do with anything but will catch a few eyes. I am curious what will happen.

1. kentucky derby
2. bin laden documents
3. jered weaver
4. roy halladay
5. national day of prayer
6. gmcr
7. linda evangelista
8. edvard munch the scream
9. cinco de mayo
10. mint julep
11. mothers day 2012
12. bryce harper
13. quail hollow
14. michelle malkin
15. green mountain coffee
16. seau
17. gpa calculator
18. junior seau found dead
19. memorial day
20. pete seeger

I will let you know what happens in a few days! 😉