Shout with me!

I want to be able to move the world!!

I want my creations to move people to smile; to laugh; to tears. I want to be able to make someone think. To make someone say, “Yes, that is it!” I want someone to see what I create and miss it when it is gone.

I know that I have some skill at putting words together. Also some skill at capturing an image. I do give pleasure. But do I truly move people. This I do not KNOW.

I am not asking for confirmation here. Just expressing my thoughts. I watched a movie based on one of my favorite book series as a child. Or even as an adult. The books used to move me that way. And now so did the movie. I am often a little depressed after watching a movie like that. Because it took me away; it brought me to a whole new world. And then it is gone. And I am back in my own, humdrum world.

I want to be able to do that to people.

I read what I write or look at a photograph I take. I might even like it. When I allow myself to not judge myself too harshly. I can say: “This is good! This expresses what I feel! ” But I cannot tell if it will have that effect on someone else. Because I am too close to it. It is an expression of the passion within me yes. But does that passion carry to others. I cannot know!

It suddenly dawned on me this is why I am writing right now. Not just to release what is in me. But also in the hopes of moving others with it!

I want to be able to move the world!!