Signs, signs every where signs…

When it comes to movies and music, I have very eclectic tastes. My parents (especially my dad) had a great fondness for what we now call the movie classics. And add to that my dabbling in theater over the years, and it won’t be a complete surprise that I actually have developed a taste for Movie Musicals.  Scary as that is for some …

An odd thing about classic musicals is that certain songs (or portions of songs) always will pop into mind when an appropriate situation arises. I am fairly sure that anyone who has ever watched a musical will do this on occasion. For instance, if I am outside and suddenly get caught in an unsuspected rainstorm, I will almost invariably start a rousing (or annoying depending on your point of view) and off-key version of "Signing in the Rain" if I am in it long enough.


The other night there was a wedding at the function hall I occasionally work for. One of my duties when I work these weddings is to take care of most of the outside stuff. Such as some tables and a red carpet if they have their ceremony at the gazebo on the premises. And I also put up and take down the sign that we have at any wedding, a sign basically welcoming the bride and groom and letting folks know they are at the right place.  The sign is at the entrance to the parking lot, so it is a bit of a walk from the function hall.

This friday’s wedding was one of those where I had several things to do outside. The ceremony was held at the gazebo, and it was nice and sunny – ish. Usually there is a bunch of stuff I need to do at the beginning of a reception so I won’t get to cleaning up the outside for a couple of hours. When I got out to do it the air was refreshingly cool as I got the couple of tables I needed to put away and rolled up the red carpet. However as I started walking to get the sign, in typical New England fashion the skies opened up a bit.

Of course "<a class="zem_slink" title="Singin’ in the Rain (Two-Disc Special Edition)" href="" rel="amazon">Singing in the rain!" immediately pops into my head, but I valiantly fought the urge to serenade the neighbors with it. Until I actually got to the sign and another scary part of my character kicked in.

I love to pun!

As I was carrying the sign back to the hall, rain dripping down on me, I raised the mic to the radios we use to make communications during the weddings easier (they can be fun if dangerous), and quickly and distinctly started singing "SIGNING in the rain!"

Of course those on the other side of the radio had no clue what I was on about. The good thing about having an odd sense of humor is you can pretty much be sure that there is always at least one person who will get a kick out of what you say. Namely yourself.

What can I say. I’m a really punny guy.