Signs, signs everywhere signs (not)

Occasionally there is a malicious rumor that goes around implying I am somewhat smart; that I have a fairly functional brain in my head. Whenever this happens, I do my best to clear the air. The simple truth is I am basically clueless … especially when it comes to how other people think. There is so much that happens around me that frankly baffle me. So dispel anything that you may have heard that I get … well … anything.

So let’s talk about city planning.

Being a confirmed nomad means moving around a lot. Which means having an idea not only where you are, but where you might be going, can often be mighty useful. Sadly, this is generally NOT the state of affairs for me. I am generally making it up as I go along, usually relying on the kindness and LOGIC of strangers.

Silly me.

Time for another list folks. Here are a few things I have noted about civil engineering in my wanderings:

  • The availability of street signs is determined by how useful they are to telling you where you actually are. The more potential of getting lost means the less likely there will be signs ANYWHERE.
  • Sidewalks are only available in the middle of nowhere where people don’t walk.
  • Directions are in the eye of the beholder. It is pretty much guaranteed that if it is called 83 south it is going anything BUT south.
  • Landmarks are also in the eye of the beholder.
  • Maps frequently lie.
  • Asking directions only helps when other people have a clue too … which frequently they do not.

Basically, what I have learned is that the best way to ensure you have a clue where you are going is to hire yourself a street urchin.