Sometimes, Steve stops securing something to say. Sans sally, Steve should seek some sort of stimulation; something to spark speech. In such situations, Steve seems to spring to silliness. Sadly, some seem to scamper off screaming upon seeing Steve’s sordid sense of said silliness. Sad to see. Still, Steve strives to succeed. Such sincerity of service should say something special about Steve. Seriously. Still, Steve should sustain some sense of seemliness. Sudden spurts of strange stuff simply scares society, or the section of society that sees Steve’s selection of script.

Sorry, Steve shall stop for a second. Steve’s stringent sidekick seeks some of Steve’s spotlight. She sometimes slows Steve from striding with speed. She has strong sentiments for a steady supply of sportiveness. Such is a standard stake when someone serves a special someone, second someone sporting several shanks. Should Steve shout “Sit!” she seldom seems to stay seated. She is a surpassingly spirited soul. Should Steve scorn her, she will surely stress Steve until Steve surrenders.

Spell of sports all set and sidekick satisfied, Steve sits to sustain a supply of sentences. Stable scribbles should shun sudden stops. Send-offs should still be satisfactory, silly or sane the subject. Sadly, (some would say shrewdly) Steve seems to be slacking in the siring of seminal speculation. Steve should surely stop while the stopping is sensible, to stave off being stormed by a sullen swarm.

Superior short but sweet selection (says Steve) sent to some by the sign S