Silly poems can be fun to make!

I need to stretch my brain.

As I embrace writing this book, my mind is absorbed not only by the words that need to actually relay the story, but the world that is slowly developing as the backdrop to the story. Even the simplest of stories has its background. So I post here and on my other blog as a way of focusing elsewhere. Giving my mind a break and a distraction to refresh and allow the world to continue to grow.

I was thinking of just writing something silly and lighthearted but did not have a glimmer. Then I encountered my sisters recent entries in the

and figured I’d give it a go. So let’s see what I can do (in the style of Ogden Nash):

their cries were heard
of joy, not sorrow.
such lightness of heart
I wish to borrow!

my soul is tired
in want of a push.
this is just what I need
to get off my tush.

a smile is ready
to show my white teeth.
just let it all out!
to myself says meeth.

I let out a laugh,
a really big guffaw.
Such a hearty laugh
as I never before saw.

I laughed again,
and let out a snort.
never really knew,
that I was the sort!

their cries were heard
of joy, not sorrow.
I surely do hope
I hear them tomorrow!