Siren song

Yesterday was a day to make American’s proud. It was one of those days when everybody comes together for a common cause; when people will drop what they are doing and run, gladly grabbing their wallet for such a worthy cause. In places crowds were often gathered. We as Americans truly showed our cultural soul yesterday!  It was enough to bring a tear to an eye!!

Yep. Yesterday the Powerball jackpot reached a new high.

""I am usually not much of a gambler. Every once in a while I will get the urge and throw a few dollars in the trash. It cuts out the middle-man that way. On even rarer occasions I might actually buy a lottery ticket or some such craziness. My luck is good … which is to say I usually come close to breaking even. But when the lure of the Powerball sirens is just right (none of the measly tens of millions of dollars … it’s gotta be a half a billion at least!), combined with being in the vicinity of a lottery pimp, I might just succumb.

So there I was out to lunch, with one of those lovely little lottery ticket dispensers right around the corner, when I was possessed by THE DEMON. I might manage to a do a few things with a few hundred million dollars. The Powerball Jackpot was screaming my name. I pulled some money out of my pocket, walking the few feet to the machine and it’s lovely operator. With a sense of destiny, I very clearly said …

"Can I have five Megabucks tickets?"

For some reason I did NOT win the Powerball Jackpot with my Megabucks tickets. Not quite sure why.