Skill … or luck?

I have a passion for photography. I have been told I have some skill in the area, and I have to admit I occasionally take a good pic. Sometimes even on purpose!

The funny thing is that most of my favorite photos are a matter of luck. Some may have even been just an accident. The best I can say for my involvement is that I pointed the camera in the right direction and held it fairly steady.

Now that Spring has given the illusion of actually arriving (it IS April right?), I decided to go outside with my camera and see what I happened across. I managed to snap a few decent pics (if you want a look click here), but the prize of the lot was … you guessed it … pure luck!

Sure I was hoping to catch a bird in flight, but I was expecting a barely caught blurry image. I just did not have the right set up to catch … well what I actually managed to catch!

Guess this is a testament to action. Would never have caught that photo if I convinced myself not to even try.

If you are interested in looking at some examples of my photography, check out My Photo Site (still in development).