Skynet is upon us (or is that iNet?)

There is distinct difficulty with being a technophobic technophile! Ranks up there with being an anti-social party animal. Or a pacifist who loves war games.

I may have mentioned I am a Gemini.

For instance I am not at all a fan of phones. To me phones are tools of the anti-{insert preferred deity here}. As far as I can tell they do not actually enhance personal communications in any way whatsoever, yet somehow society as we know it could not exist without them. So of course my personal phone is one of the most advanced pieces of personal communication technology available to the common peon with a few shiny stones to work with. The saga of me obtaining my iPhone is no doubt … NOT … famous, but for those seriously bored it can be found on this very blog.

How’s that for a gratuitous attempt at increasing my stats?

""The other day as I was sitting at a birthday lunch for a pal, the group of us at one point all had our phones out, at least four of which were iPhones, all trying to look up the same bit of information that a simple phone call would have answered. One other person was busy looking up the phone number (which took three tries) so another could call and actually ask the question. With all this technology working towards a common goal, one would think that we might have actually gotten the answer.

We did not actually get the answer.

But here is the my dirty secret. At one point I was tempted to simply text everyone at the table instead of … gasp … talking to them!

Granted I would have been doing it in jest, but the mere fact that the idea actually popped into my head showed me how far I have fallen from the pristine troglodyte of another age. I don’t know how to bear the shame.

Just a sec, I have to play my next Words with Friends word …

OK I am back. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. The sad thing is I have seen this phenomenon in action. I few people sitting mere feet from each other texting … each other. And the newest innovation of the mighty Apple empire is this new central AI that will handles all voice activated commands of the various robots in it’s empire.

Didn’t I see that in a movie?