Sleeping in

I really did not want to get out of bed this morning. I would say a typical Monday morning, but in reality at the moment Mondays are not significantly different from other days of the week … at least for me. It was not that I was dreading the day or anything. Actually, it looked like it would be a bright sunny (if still rather cold) day! It was just that I was snuggled in so comfortably, and just wanted to sleep more. We have all had those days. Of course I needed to wake up. Mom was leaving for work, and we had no companion coming in for Dad until 10 am. So I needed to be awake. But staying asleep was ooooooh sooooooo tempting.

Enter the Ninja Cat.

There I was, sort of asleep, enjoying a rather bizarre dream when I hear a noise. Kind of a chirp. What was that? Not important. Snuggle back in. Chirp. Followed by a nudge. Suddenly my eyes snapped open. I recognized that noise. It was Squeak’s mighty roar! It seems he had decided I needed to get up. He continued to roar at me until I responded.

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-191" title="Squeak’s dream" src="" alt="" width="400" height="400" /> What do you want Squeak?

Chirp … er … um … I mean Roar!

Still barely fluent in Catese I couldn’t quite catch what he wanted me to do. So I forced myself out of bed, threw some clothes on and, doing my best not to kill myself as Squeak wove his way between my legs, headed downstairs.

Squeak would not leave my feet alone. That is how he shows affection. A cat with a foot fetish. He rubs, bites, and if you try to avoid chases. Imagine it. A cat … yea big … chasing a fairly hefty man around the kitchen.

Finally, we arrived at his food bowl. Which already had food in it of course. Seems that was the destination. Squeak immediately started eating … my presence now forgotten. Apparently he just needed an escort to the restaurant.