So… are fairies real? (via A Girl Called Pete)

Ours is a wide and fascinating world. Much in it crosses the boundaries from “reality” to “fantasy” and back, and there is much about so called “magical” beings that is yet to be discovered. It is always fascinating when the origins of myths are brought to our notice. I have noticed that fairies have come up in a post or three late, so it seemed appropriate to share this definitive proof of the existence of fairies, and alert the world to their sad fate. Not sure why they are not on the endangered species list!

So… are fairies real? I looked at the search terms for people finding my nice shiny new blog and it turns out that everyone that has found this blog from a Google search has been interested in finding the truth about fairies. Quite why Google has been sending such requests here is unknown, but I guess I might as well take the time to settle the question, just so those people haven’t come all this way for nothing. So, fairies… fact of fiction? Well, it’s actually a lit … Read More

via A Girl Called Pete