Some much needed offensiveness

Generally when I seek the humor to share in my anecdotes, I am not intending to poke fun at people so much as at the situations. Unless it is myself. However today any barbs I throw are aimed, and I hope they stick a little. When people ACT ridiculous they deserve to be ridiculed. And these days it seems to me that we are surrounded by ridiculous people. I know them well because I can be one myself at times. I just usually end up coming to my senses.

So let me ask you a question, you silly people who think that because James loves Roger and they want to share their life together and be as financially secure as anyone else can be in the process, somehow affects your life.  Does this make you love your spouse more or less? Or perhaps it is raising your health insurance premium? Oh wait, I get it. Your retirement benefits have been lessened?

Maybe I am asking the wrong questions. I have a few more for you. I am pretty sure Jesus did not wear pants. Did that mean he was a cross dresser? And you claim he did not marry. So what was wrong with him? Was he gay? Of course not, because  you tell us god hates gays. If we are supposed to marry someone of the opposite sex and be fruitful and multiply, wasn’t he ignoring daddy’s orders?

So tell me oh so righteous people who know god’s will so well. What is your favorite position? How exactly do you make love to your spouse? Oh wait, that is none of my business? Then why is anyone else’s love life yours? By the way, if god decides all, then isn’t someone being a homosexual by the will of god? Or maybe free will DOES exist, and what we do with our lives is our own choice? Good thing you are here to judge us, because we really need closed-minded people to tell us how to live our lives correctly.

Some people might find this little rant humorous. Some might be offended by it. To those who find humor in it, you rock. To those who find it offensive, GOOD! I find such intolerant attitudes as you possess rather offensive myself, and it is only fair that I return the favor.